Professor Jonathan Crego M.B.E BSc.(Hons) Ph.D (Salford) Sc.D (South Wales)
Hydra Foundation; Visiting Professor, Canterbury Christchurch University School of Law, Criminal Justice and Computing

“I have known Paul Neal for almost 30 years. In a world where everyone is an ‘expert’, few when you scratch the surface, actually are.

Paul is an exceptional trainer who combines a rich operational experience with an incredible ability to engage with participants in his training.

I was schooled by Paul when I first started to look at critical incident decision making.  His insights into real world operational issues, helped me link psychological theory, with the practical realities of the security space. 
He continues to develop professionals in the field.  His new 21st century academy will enable his skills to be accessible to a much wider group”.

Student Richard

“A great course. I am very experienced in the world of Security and Law Enforcement and this was a brilliant opportunity for me to revisit the Management role and ensure that I am fully up to date. The links to follow from the case studies are particularly interesting, this was a really useful insight into the real world of security management and planning.”

Student Graham

“BRILLIANT. It was informative and aimed at the correct level for me. I particularly liked the sections that take you to real life websites and guide you through a process of understanding how to use them. Paul is a great Tutor and was constantly there in the background if I needed to ask a question.”

Student Mark

“I loved it. It was just the right balance of information and I really liked and appreciate the links to relevant websites. It is absolutely perfect for me and my transition into the security sector next month. Not only does it give me an insight and grounding before my first day it will also act as a reference guide as I learn on the job. It’s brilliant, thank you Paul.

I would recommend the course to anyone I know wanting to join the industry.”

Dr Vicknayson Thevendran

Principal Vice President, Bechtel Corporation

“I was initially impressed by Paul’s communication skills and professional demeanour when he worked on a number of major projects where I was the Project Director between 2008-2014.

During this time Paul managed community relations and security matters for most projects I was involved in, he continually demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism which in turn provided the teams with clarity in operations.

Paul is calm in all circumstances evident from his extensive training and experience from the police force. This is complemented by his clear communication skills which also made him a preferred candidate in mentoring up and coming professionals in the community relations and security arena within the company.
I heartily endorse Paul for any managerial position, also in delivering training courses in the field of community relations and security”.

Andrew Spicer
Legal Principal, sa.global

“I have known Paul professionally for over 40 years. I have both been taught by and taught with Paul on variety of Police and security related matters.
Paul is a teaching professional always going out of his way to elicit feedback from his students, inviting them to share their experiences at the end of each day and course, it’s this commitment to growth in his clients students’  that makes Paul an outstanding educator who empowers his clients and their employees.

Paul is both a team leader and an integral part of any team who has always stood out as the person who not only took advantage of opportunities for professional development himself but encouraged and coached those around him to fulfil their potential.

Paul has a very strong grasp of the current (and historical) policing and security sector; in fact he knows policing and security inside out. This helps him relay practical, legislative, and technical information to customers in an accessible way.

Paul has proven himself to be a strong cultural fit with many organisations always ready to lend a helping hand to his colleagues and teammates. He is always a willing contributor during operational and strategic planning sessions and meetings between all interested parties.

In closing, I’d like to restate my strong support for Paul please take the opportunity to engage his services I’m confident that he will surpass your expectations as Paul is driven, self-confident, proactively helpful, smart and knowledgeable in his area of expertise”.


Mandy Duncan

Commercial Director
, Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd

“In my capacity as a Commercial Director, I’ve worked with Paul on several major construction projects in the heart of London and have found him to be an incredibly knowledgeable, collaborative and pro-active professional in his capacity as Security Director.
Paul certainly knows what he’s doing and has a great way of doing it – certainly someone at the top of their field”


Darren James

CEO, Keltbray Group

“Paul has great insight and knowledge to help leaders responsible for the most complex of security challenges. His advice to me for over a decade has been invaluable”